note! Finally found out this big carcinogen who is not easy to detect in life!

       Decoration pollution has always been a hidden danger that is not easy to find and has a huge hazard, and decoration materials are the "culprit" of decoration pollution.
"It's weird! The violet potted plant I bought withered and died within a few days!"
The slightly excited Mr. Li in front of him told his story. Mr. Li, who has always been in good health, was 33 years old. In June of this year, he happily held a wedding with his fiancee Yu, who has been in love for three years. With the support of his parents, he bought a house in Chongqing as a wedding house. Marrying a bride and living in a new house was originally the most important thing in life, but it brought endless troubles. Only 4 days after moving in, Mr. Li found that his face and ears were red as soon as he entered the house, "Like a red apple, it would be much better to go outside for half an hour."
In order to alleviate the symptoms of allergies, Mr. and Mrs. Li had to stay outdoors as much as possible, and sometimes they had to stay outdoors for a long time. Subsequently, Mr. Li's family went to the hospital for an examination, and the result was "formaldehyde allergy". Then Mr. Li asked the testing center to test the new house. The result was that the decoration materials were not environmentally friendly products, and the formaldehyde content was more than ten times higher than the standard.
Living in such an environment can range from allergies to cancer!
In 2004, the World Health Organization’s Announcement No. 153 clearly stated
——Formaldehyde causes cancer
Listed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (LARC 1995)
——The first category of carcinogens
40% of cancer patients suffering from excessive formaldehyde
Sampling inspection of newly installed homes: 60% of formaldehyde meters
Infertility and fetal malformations caused by indoor decoration pollution account for 70% of the total number of patients
90% of children with leukemia have recently renovated their homes
Formaldehyde release cycle is 8-15 years
It takes at least 3 years for the harmful gas of glue and paint to completely volatilize
*Data sourced from China Association for Standardization and China Children's Health Care Center for Disease Control
Excessive formaldehyde can easily cause a child’s immune system to decrease. In severe cases, it may lead to leukemia, cancer, etc. Long-term exposure to indoor environments with excessive formaldehyde may cause depression, nausea, or even dizziness. It is easy to catch a cold and not easy to get better. In the long run, it will greatly affect the health of yourself and your family.
Exposed to harmful decoration pollution, you and your family become "human air purifiers"
It is very important to choose environmentally friendly decorative materials with zero formaldehyde!
As a cost-effective multifunctional environmentally friendly wall decoration material, "Bamboo Charcoal Sen Breath" latex paint adds "nano-level diatom mud factor" and "efficient aldehyde removal technology", which can effectively adsorb and purify formaldehyde, and significantly reduce the air Formaldehyde content. The excellent air purification function creates a fresh and healthy home environment for you. This product does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances and is an environmentally friendly product.
"Bamboo Charcoal Sen Breath" latex paint will release negative ions, powerfully purify formaldehyde, high hiding power, scrub resistance, soft color tone, alkali resistance, flexible paint film, fresh smell, environmental protection and non-toxicity, and convenient construction.
It can be widely used in homes, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, ice caps, restaurants, and food manufacturing, brewing, pharmaceutical industries and other buildings with high sanitary and clean requirements.
Environmental protection and green decoration building materials, Thielen will give you peace of mind and peace of mind.

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